Tank Garage Winery

If you’ve stopped by Calistoga, you would probably notice that this town has it’s own vibe, much different from the atmosphere you normally would find in Napa. It’s fun, quirky, relaxed, and it still provides you with everything that you would expect: good food, good wine, and good people without the fluff. It makes sense that a winery that embodies that spirit of Calistoga is conveniently placed in town disguised as a restored 1930’s gas station.

How it would look on a sunny day, unfortunately we went on a rainy day

Tank winery has been around for only three years, but they are no strangers to the wine game. Having sister wineries Regusci, T-Vine, and James Cole, Tank has departed from the traditional branding of wineries that they represent and have pushed their own agenda and image. Tank winery is all about living in the moment, and having no rules.

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